What are the ways to rank higher in Google SERPs?

In this digital era, everything has gone online. So, dominating the online world is vital for all businesses. The first step to enter this online business world is to create a website providing all the necessary information and services to your customers. However, creating a website alone will not get your content and services to the people. There are millions of websites fighting to reach their customers. So, you have to do something better than others to reach the masses. There comes the need for SEO and ranking. The ranking is the term associated with search engines. You might know the world’s most used search engine, Google. If you look for something in this search engine, you would get thousands of results having any connection with your search. It is of no use to get your website in the hundredth position in Google. No one will care about the website in that position assuming that the content would be disastrous. If you want to reach people with your website, you would have to rank higher in Google. You can use a free rank checker to check where your website ranks currently on Google for a specific search term. Likewise, your webpages will rank at different positions in the SERP for various keywords. The more webpages ranking within the top ten, the more visitors will be there for your website. In this article, let us discuss some of the ways to rank higher on Google. 

Ways to rank higher on Google

Keyword research 

The first step to rank higher on Google is to use the keywords that your target audience would use to search for on the search engine. If your website is in the travel niche, you should use terms related to the travel industry often on your webpages. These keywords should have decent popularity among the masses. If no one is searching for the keyword, it is of no use to use it in your content. Hence, you have to do some research on the most-used phrases and words by people in your niche. Once you get a list of such words, you should write the content using them in the right places. 

Content optimization

Google does not want its users to get disappointed with the search results they get for each search query. So, the company will be keen on ranking only those pages that have quality content that is relevant and deep at the top. If your content is dumb and it does not provide any value to the visitor, your webpage would not rank higher on Google. So, you have to optimize your content in the right way with better usage of valuable keywords.


Google loves links. Although you have killer content with optimized keywords, you should have some links from authoritative websites to your site to rank on Google. According to the ranking algorithm, a webpage with more inbound links will get higher rankings. So, you should build your link profile

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