Tips for paint by numbers

The best thing when it comes to personalized paint by number is that, you don’t have to worry about being able to make a mistake. The process was made with the newbie in mind so it is hard to get it wrong. As you go about personalizing yours, the following tips might help if you happen to feel nervous about starting your first paint by numbers.

  • Ensure to get yourself enough workspace which is well lit and everything that you need should be there. It will be able to help you in getting an artistic mood.
  • Try to give each new area that you paint at least 10 minutes for it to dry. The Acrylic paints are known to dry quite fast and thus, they will make you to have a quick process.
  • Start with the areas on the canvas which is smallest with the finer details and work your way towards the shapes which are large.
  • To give your painting a professional finish, you need to consider spraying the canvas with acrylic sealer which is clear. It will be able to prevent fading or running over time also.
  • Keep reading or magnifying glass on hand to use in looking closely at the details. It might seem not necessary, but the larger picture requires the fine details to be right.

Difficulty levels of paint by numbers explained

When the paint by numbers got introduced, there were various images which were designed for everyone to work on. Nowadays, you will find thousands of images in the market to pick from. You can easily pick the ones which are suitable for your or the difficulty level that you want to try out.

If you are a newbie, it is best to start from the simple images to be able to learn the basics. When you find that you have become more confident, you can then pick from the large sizes and extra colors. You can also check out the finer details to assist you in honing your craft. There are ways which you can add to the challenge for yourself in case you happen to feel bored with the normal approach.

You can add some extra touches to the pieces. You can try out adjustments to the depth and come up with your color combinations which are unique. Although the paint by numbers was crafted to be simple, that does not mean that you don’t have room to customize them by being extra creative and coming up with personalized paint by number due to your creativity.

The time taken to complete one of the paintings can tend to vary from few hours to several days. There are some manufacturers who will give out a guide on the amount of time you will use to finish it up. But there is no need for you to rush through it. The process is all about having fun while learning the art’s basic, the amount of challenge that you want to get from it is up to you.

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