The Dos And Don’ts Of Designing A Wedding Website!

Creating a website for your big day can be confusing. If you have confirmed dates, it is always wise to start at least a few months in advance. While you can always choose to hire a web design service for the job, there is fun in DIY. You don’t need to be an expert to make a website for your wedding. As the first step, get a domain name that works for the theme with a hosting plan. BlueHost and HostGator have basic plans that you can consider.

Below are a few other dos and don’ts for your help.

  • Do share all the details. If you have a wedding theme or dress code in mind, make sure that the website has everything mentioned in clear words. People are busy all the time, so if you want your near and dear ones to attend, you should have the website up and ready at least a couple of months before the wedding.
  • Don’t rely on online RSVPs alone. While you can always insist on online RSVPs, we recommend that you still consider written mails. You can mention about the wedding invite and the fact that you would appreciate a personal confirmation.
  • Don’t clutter the site. Wedding websites are personal, so you can choose a design template that you like, but make sure that it isn’t cluttered. Couples often end up adding too many animation effects and design elements, which defeats the purpose of sharing information about the event.

  • Do use good content. Avoid using acronyms and short-form of words and phrases that people wouldn’t understand. The content on your wedding site represents your thought, and you would want to use your own words, to ensure that everyone feels welcomed. By content, we don’t just mean text content alone. Use your own photos and images to the best possible extent.
  • Do mention social media guidelines. Some couples like the wedding to be private, and if you think the same way, make sure that you mention the dos and don’ts to the guests. For example, you can ask them to wait for at least a day before posting pictures. If you have decided on a wedding hashtag, ask your guests to share the same.

Finally, if you feel like having fun with your wedding website, consider using humor in some form. It just works like a fresh breath of air. As for templates and themes, you can check on WordPress or paid platforms.

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