Running a Big Event? Keep these Things in Mind

Organising a huge event involves making lots of decisions. Picking a venue is one of the decisions that will greatly affect your event. Your chosen venue will partly affect your catering options, event date, and the experience of your attendees. If you are planning a sejour en Estrie, there are many options in terms of the venue. You can choose to have it within a hotel or near other types of accommodations. But, for most event organisers, the latter option guarantees them the peace of mind knowing that their guests have a sure place to stay during the course of the event.

When to Find a Venue

It is always better to start looking for a venue earlier than later. After you figure out your budget, estimated event size, and space requirements, you can start finding the perfect venue. Try to book a venue at least four to six months in advance as this will provide you with enough time to plan other important things like catering, announcements, and others.

Things to Consider when Planning a Venue

To make it easier for you to choose the best venue for your conference or congress, make sure to consider the following:

  • Location. You might want to find a venue within a reasonable distance from the majority of the places of your attendees. If you are expecting attendees from out of town, pick a venue that is near the airport or their hotels. Just make sure to take traffic, parking options, and transportation into consideration.

  • Parking. Pick a venue with ample parking space. If the venue’s parking lot cannot accommodate everyone, ensure there are parking lots nearby that your attendees can access and use. In case, no parking is available, give your attendees a way to share a ride or cab with each other. Also, check out Uber discounts for events.
  • Capacity. You must know the venue’s room capacity. Also, if the venue offers food and beverages, ask if they set a minimum spending amount. Try to negotiate if they can offer complimentary service in return when your spending hits a certain level.
  • Services and amenities. Consider if they have their own kitchen and can offer catering to your event. Will they provide all the utensils and clean up the space after? Also, check if they have AV capabilities. While a number of venues have audio-visual equipment readily available for use, others require you to bring your own.

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