Repair Or Replacement: What Should You Do When Transformer Breaks Down?

A transformer is the unit which converts the high voltage electricity into consumable range for a industry, household or a commercial building. The breaking down of transformer, therefore, clearly indicates that the power supply shall fall short and there shall be a lot of downtime loss. In this downtime it’s always chosen to take care of the expenses and make the best effort possible.

There are services for transformers repair as well as renewing the equipment, but given the time, efforts and investment required the industrialists have a hard time selecting the viable option. And so here are a few ideas to consider when seeking a solution for transformer breakdown.

How much damage!

It is always the quantum of damage that decides whether one should make a repair or completely replace the equipment. As such it is important to analyze if the breakdown is temporary or permanent. Measure if the damage can be repaired easily or shall require heavy investment which can be almost equal to a change. Repair costs shall be routine. And so if the damage is too high to consider repair, it is always good to go for a replacement.

The relative costs

Budget is an important factor specially when trying to contemplate how to make efficient use of the investment available. A repair generally costs less specially when it is undertaken routinely. When a transformer breaks down it is the quantum of damage that decides what the relative cost of repair shall be. If it is too high to even purchase a new one, replace is the right choice. But if it fits into the expense diary well and extends the useful life of the asset, repair is recommended.

Expected life of transformer

Generally a transformer comes with a useful life of 15-20 years. This is the time when the machine goes through a lot of wear and tear. And so routine repairs and services are made to extend the useful life! During the later years the equipment almost become obsolete and at these times the repair costs too go high. It is ideal to go for an exchange in the later years of the life of transformer.

Time gap in changing

Sometimes a new transformer can take months to get to the site. To save from any downtime loss, its ideal to make a repair so that it suits the purpose and reduces the loss. Go for a replacement as and when you can get a new one on the site.

The choice of repair or replacement is entirely on the situation. Weight the criteria and make a sound decision.

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