Paint by numbers (PBN)is a kit which consists of a canvass or board with a picture outline marked with numbers and a set of matching number sets. PBN was first introduced in the 1950 by Max S. Klein of Palmer Paint Company of Detroit and Dan Robbins. After the introduction of the PBN by Palmer Paint Company, Craft Master boasted of “A beautiful oil painting, the first time your try”. This method of painting is quite remarkable as you do not have to actually have the talent to paint before you can create a remarkable painting. It is a very good way for beginners to learn how to paint. Craft master boasted of a beautiful picture at first try because the method does not actually need any creativity. The only thing is to be able to match the right colors to the appropriate section and viola, the picture comes out.

You are able to derive pleasure from painting and having the satisfaction of getting a beautiful portrait when you are done. The style of the portrait needed is sent to the ordering site along with the picture you intend to paint. A numbered marked outline of the picture on canvas is the sent back with a set of matching number paints with paints. While painting with PBN kit, it is important to always rinse the brush after one color before using it for another. This way, the colors do not mix up and mess up the portrait. There are some PBN portraits that can conveniently rival a regular portrait. Precise paintings of complex color PBN paintings can go up against regular paintings.

The only needed task is to paint the assigned number marking with the matching paint appropriately. PBN could be used to paint a variety of things. It could be used to paint a lot of portraits such as portraits of people, places and animals. It could also be use stop recreate memories.

Pet PBN portraits

Painting a PBN portrait for your pet can be very relaxing. You get to paint your pet out without any need of former training or skill in painting. This method of painting guarantees a genuine likeness of the animal once the painting is done. The method can be used for any kind of pet such as parrots, passerines, turtles, goldfish, tarantulas, hermit crabs, dogs, snakes, cats etc.

If you want to get a portrait, why not try a PBN portrait? You do need to have any artistic skill set and you can showcase your painting and pet to your friends and families. Painting can also be therapeutic. So you get multiple benefits plus the beautiful portrait of your friend.


It is best to always send a picture with appropriate lighting when ordering for your paint kit. It is also best to always put your pet in aanimated position that favors its overall looks. This enables the art site to appropriately make use of appropriate match of colors at appropriate locations. The overall use of colors plays an important role in the look of the portrait.

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