Moving From Tape Backup to Cloud Storage?

The price of storing and copying information and knowledge online has reduced dramatically in the past couple of years. Consequently, many companies and organizations are addressing the techniques they will use for remote offsite backup up and securely storing data.

If you’re thinking about relocating to cloud storage for the business, listed here are a couple of stuff you should ponder prior to making the move.

Security Risks

If you are using online data storage, the information is transmitted with an encrypted network to some guaranteed collection repository. Although this may eliminate many security risks which are connected with tape storage and backup, you ought to reflect what is coming for future years with regards to cyber criminal activity and cloud storage.

Time To Recover

Recovering data through cold or warm backup sites may take a lot of time. Online file recovery could be instantly transferred with little lower time which was once connected with retrieving and loading tape backups.


While there are many ways in which tape backups can fail and be insecure, cloud storage provides unmatched reliability because of the hard disk drives are configured having a redundant variety of independent disks (RAID) which stores the information on multiple hard drives. By putting data on multiple hard drives, operations can communicate with one another inside a more balanced way which improves reliability and gratifaction.

With tape style backup configurations, the upload speeds are slower than online storage backup which limits the amount of data you are able to backup in a single day. Greater finish cloud storage services offer faster upload options that allow organizations to backup more data every day.


With tape backup storage, organizations and companies have the fee for added hardware, maintenance, personnel, in addition to offsite storage. With internet data storage, companies have access to storage for less than $1 per gigabyte of space for storage.

Automatic Backup

Rather of dealing with all the hassles associated with tape backups, companies can easily map the cloud storage to some location on their own server which enables data backup to become automated without any user interaction using the backup process.

While cloud storage offers an simpler method to backup and store sensitive data inside a less expensive way, before relocating to this method of storage it’s important to research the cloud storage provider to leave what safety measures they’ve in position for storing and encrypting data, in addition to when they enforce strict policies on who can access the information. It’s also vital that you review their status and history along with other organizations and companies which use their cloud storage services.

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