How whale watching in Sydney will captivate the mind

There are many ways for nature lovers to get their kicks. Over the years some dramatic documentaries have brought amazing experiences into the home via TV screens, while those who venture outdoors can enjoy seeing a wide range of animals and creatures at close range in zoos and safari parks.

However, there is nothing like having the opportunity to view them in their natural habitat, where the shows are real rather than stage-managed. This is what those who go Whale Watching in Sydney will experience.

It provides an incredible adventure with captivates everyone who boards one of the 3 custom-designed ocean-going catamarans that deliver 360’ views. Maybe even offering a chance to capture the sights on video to show friends and family who will also then want a piece of the action as the humpback whales engage in their own personal aerobics as they break the surface and come up for air.

The whales are treated with respect by the experienced team of 19 years acting with full responsibility as they stick ardently to the regulations that state that vessels must remain at 100m away from the mammals. While the skipper will try to find the whales as they embark on their migration and return between May and November, it is not guaranteed, though there is every chance of seeing orcas or dolphins.

The ultimate sensory experience is added to by the friendly crew who imparts all their wisdom and knowledge in a friendly and informative way as the vessel heads out from the convenient departure point at Darling Harbour in the heart of the city out into the magnificent backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. The vessel provides comfort and safety, along with the required speed to get the most out of a 2-to-3-hour cruise, which is the perfect length of time, as the many positive customer reviews testify.

Many of those who have headed out will have taken advantage of some of the generous online discounts as they go on to enjoy the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea air for themselves. As the vessel heads through local waters, there is a wide variety of marine species that can be spotted adding to the attraction of the unique tours.

Forget sitting in front of the TV to see nature when there is an amazing tour waiting to captivate those of all ages when they go whale watching in Sydney.

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