How To Replace Old Epoxy With New One: A Guide On How To Get Your Restaurant Floor Looking Brand New

When it comes to your restaurant floor, you may not realize how quickly time can take its toll. The constant traffic, high-traffic areas, spills, and other wear and tear can take its toll on your floor quickly. If you have an older restaurant floor, you may wonder how to replace old epoxy? The good news is that it is not difficult, and in most cases you can do it yourself. Here are some tips on how to replace old epoxy with new epoxy:

Plan Your Work

Before you tackle the job, you will want to first plan your work. This will help you identify the best tools for the job and how to progress through the rest of the process. Make sure you have all the right equipment and know how to use it. With that in mind, you might want to consider scheduling a day to remove the existing floor. This will help you identify which parts of the floor need replacing, and how much of the floor needs to be replaced.

Prepare The New Epoxy

Now that you know the best way to replace old epoxy with new one, it is important to make sure you have the correct tools for the job. While you don’t need specialized equipment to replace old epoxy, it can make it easier for you to complete the job. A caulking gun is a good choice for this project. They are commonly used for caulking, but can also be used for epoxy.

It comes with a tip that is made for epoxy applications. Many caulking guns also have a larger tip, which is perfect for creating larger jobs. If you plan on creating an entire floor, you may want to consider renting a floor sander. This will help you create a smooth and even finish. Finally, if you are planning on replacing large sections of floor, you may want to consider renting a flooring roller. This can make the job go much faster.

Cure The New Epoxy

Once the new epoxy has had time to cure, it is time to seal the floor. If you are doing a large section of floor, you can do this in one step. Simply apply the coating or sealant. Once the coating is in place, it is time to remove any dust from the floor. This can help protect the new epoxy from becoming dull too quickly.

Protect The New Epoxy

Once the floor is sealed, it is important to protect the new epoxy. This can help ensure that the floor lasts as long as possible. Some of the best protection is a continuous sealant. This protects the floor, and protects it from dirt, dust, and other things that can damage the floor. You can find these on the market, or you can make your own. Simply apply the sealant, while protecting the floor with a plastic bag. This can protect your floor for months.

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