How to Create & Market your Own Skin Care Product Line

If you are an entrepreneur who would like to create your very own unique skin-care product line, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, especially with both the beauty and health industries booming, and in this article, we will give you a few tips on how best to create and market your own unique brand of skin-care products.

Sourcing an OEM Company

Ideally, you need to source a manufacturer that offers a range of products including herbal cream production (known as ผลิตครีมสมุนไพร in Thai) – they are out there and a Google search is the best place to start your quest for a white label manufacturer. This type of company specialises in packaging their top-quality products into the client’s packaging, so all you need to do is design your product packaging with branding in mind.

Wide Range of Products

Of course, one of the first things to do is decide on what products you will market, and here are just a few ideas:

  • Facial & Body Skin Creams
  • Acne Products
  • Moisturisers
  • Skin Whitening Creams and Lotions
  • Shampoos
  • Hair Conditioners

Of course, the products would already have FDA approval, allowing you to skip this time-consuming process and start selling as soon as your website is ready.

Factory Visit

After a while browsing websites of product manufacturers, when you find one that looks good, you should book a tour of the facility and with a list of prepared questions, you can get all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision. It is important that the production company has a solid reputation and is well-established, offering top quality skin-care products, as they will be your essential business partner.

The Legal Aspect

You will need a local lawyer to check that all of the products that you intend to sell are actually approved and ready to go; something that the OEM would be happy to furnish you with. You are advised to look for products that only contain natural ingredients, as chemicals can cause skin irritation and a lot more besides!

Website Design & Build

Unless you happen to be a web developer, you are advised to outsource the design and build of your digital platform; indeed, you can probably find a single company that will handle the domain registration, web-hosting and the design and construction of the website. Shopping cart websites can be created using software called Magento and with the right developer, your concept (including colours and logo) can be incorporated into the design.

Product Images & Text

Once your site design is finished, you can proceed to insert images and text to describe your product line, and you are advised to use a professional for this. Presentation is everything when selling products, especially online, so do make sure that your images are first-class and your product descriptions are written by a copy writer.

Once you have managed to locate an OEM product manufacturer, the rest is quite easy, and your product supplier is the critical partner that you need in order to make your business work. If you do your research, there’s no reason why your business won’t be a success.

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