Home Remedies for Thick and Long Eyelashes

One of the finest yet most important parts of the body is the eyelash. It protects the eyes against debris, sand, and dust and hence needs to be maintained too. It is not just one protective barrier for the eyes but also can highlight the whole eye makeup too. There are different facts be it the aging or the medical condition such as hypotrichosis which actually could cause the lash to fall off and be thin. People usually choose longer lashes serum but the good news is there are some impeccable home remedies that can do wonders too.

Home Remedies that can give Long Eyelashes

  • Castor Oil

One of the crucial components present in castor oil is Ricinoleic acid. It can actually contribute to curing the eyelash fall problem by 90%. Its potential presence in not just the castor oil but in any other oil safe for hair and skin can help with hair loss. That is why it is one fine alternative over the longer lashes serum. It helps to maintain the thickness of the lashes in a much better manner. There has also been a clinical case that states high viscosity of castor oil can also result in hair matting. That is why it is better to speak with the doctor about this before using it.

  • Coconut Oil

Another fine option that is said to be a great hair care choice is coconut oil. It helps to protect against the loss of proteins present in the hair. It is also helpful in treating the damaged eyelash or the thin eyelash. It thus contributes to regrowth too. But it is important to be careful when using options like these as sometimes it can create an oily film on the lash which can actually make lashes weigh down. Take coconut oil on the cotton swabs and apply or pat it a little on the eyelash and leave it for some time. Maybe after 20 minutes, you can wash it off. Use alternate days to see better results.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is important for the overall body and this powerful antioxidant can actually cure many things. It reduces the damages caused due to oxidation and thus controls the hair loss problem. It also has compounds like tocotrienol which helps to increase hair strands that further can contribute to making eyelashes longer. In order to get its perfect use, simply apply topically on the lashes or take its oral supplement. But while consuming the supplement, doctors’ advice is a must.


There are also many other home remedies such as green tea and lemon peel oil that can do wonders too. Over longer lashes serum, choosing such an alternative will give better and longer results to manage the problem of thin eyelashes. But it is also better to make certain changes in lifestyle too. Since the problem of hair loss always begins when there is an unhealthy lifestyle, try adapting the lifestyle that not just cures the hair loss problem but the overall body too.

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