DUI Arrest in Oklahoma: Don’t miss these details 

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs could land you in serious trouble in Oklahoma. If you have been arrested for DUI, you must know your rights and should start working on your defense immediately. Being proactive is essential, and you need a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your interests. Talk to the legal experts and attorneys of Fassio Law in Oklahoma City immediately to know more. For your help, here are some aspects related to DUI arrests.

Understanding the consequences

There are two different legal issues at hand following a DUI arrest. Firstly, you will have a criminal case, for which you could be incarcerated, and secondly, you will have to deal with a DPS case, which could mean losing driving privileges. If you are found to be in physical control of the vehicle and are impaired, you will be charged with DUI in most situations. The typical outcome is the same, no matter whether you have a higher blood alcohol concentration (0.08 or higher) or are found under the influence of a Schedule I controlled substance (regardless of the amount).

Penalties at a glance

The penalties for a DUI charge may vary, but a lot also depends on your prior history of DUIs. If this is your first DUI offense and you are found guilty, you may have to pay a fine up to $1,000 along with a 180-day license suspension and up to one year in jail. For a second offense, you will face a 365-day license suspension, up to five years in jail, and a maximum $2,500 fine. The consequences are even more severe for third and eventual offenses, which include a three-year license suspension, up to ten years in jail, and a maximum fine of $5,000.

Working with a DUI defense lawyer

Your DUI defense lawyer will explore all possible ways to get the charges squashed. You need a local lawyer who knows the system and can navigate the process easily. The line of defense may vary, but your lawyer could prove that you were not in control of the vehicle or may challenge the field sobriety tests. Your attorney may also consider other options like questioning the police work or whether the officer had the legal ground to stop you.

Without an attorney, dealing with DUI charges can be a huge hassle, especially if you are unsure of what to do next. You can find law firms in Oklahoma City through an online search.


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