Cargo Box For Sale Near Me – Using a Shipping Container as a Building

Not all buildings nowadays are made of concrete, fiberglass or wood. You can already find boxes used as a house, storage or office. These are the same shipping vessels that are usually used for transporting goods. Well, since these large vessels are expensive and durable, its use has been maximized for various purposes. Now, if you have plans of purchasing a cargo box for private use, then go online to scout for the nearest sellers in your locality. You just need to type shipping containers for sale near me and a list of available products will be posted on your browser.

I guess, it is a good idea to make a building out of this huge container rather than storing and leaving it in some junk or abandoned sites for years. When this is already rusting, you would not surely want to buy it, right? Sometimes, no matter how good the quality of this vessel is, when it lacks proper care, then you will find it as a big piece of junk. At least, if you can buy one and turn it into a functional space, then you will surely maintain its value. Doing this makes its lifespan longer, anyway.

It is true that these containers are often used for various business purposes. You may store stock of goods, serve as a satellite office, small restaurant or a tiny shop. But there are also homeowners, who would like to make a house with this type of material. If you are one of these individuals or homeowners, who are very much interested in building a house out of cargo boxes, then you should know the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

The Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of using this material is that it is eco-friendly. Do you know that when this thing is of no use, then companies need to melt it down, which may harm individuals and the environment, too? If you are going to turn this into an amazing house, then you do not need to consume too much cement as well as bricks. You are surely aware that the production of cement is also one of the dangers that greatly affects the environment. Reusing shipping containers mean that you are even saving steel that weighs about 3500 kg. You should know that steel production costs a lot. Therefore, melting this means that much money was also lost.

Constructing a house made of cement and brick takes months to finish and you have to check the site from time to time and be updated with the status. With a shipping vessel, the construction time is faster and it will just take you 2 to 3 weeks, but that will be depending on the size of the box. Here, you do not need to visit the site often because the construction may be completed off site and there are people in-charged with this infrastructure. When it is ready, they just need to deliver it to your preferred and chosen location. You do not need to worry too much about your budget. Of course, it would be cheaper to build this cargo box rather than buying cement, bricks and concrete materials.

When it comes to the structure of this vessel, of course, it is absolutely strong and indestructible. Remember that this container is primarily designed for carrying heavy items. It is often transported overseas, too. Therefore, it can withstand various weather conditions. Indeed, it has the ability to resist earthquakes and hurricanes. Due to this fact, it is considered as a safety building. Do you know that an individual cannot easily come inside this type of structure? Well, if a stranger would really like to break in, then he better prepare a dynamite. And then, do not ever think about stealing this because you cannot manage to take it away.

This Disadvantages

If you are going to live in a home made from a cargo vessel, then you will face insulation as well as heat control issues. Are you aware that these huge steel containers are good at absorbing and transmitting cold and heat? Therefore, you will find it quite difficult to control the temperature inside this infrastructure. To solve this issue, you have to use the right insulation type and paint as well. But the problem is that, it is a non-environment friendly resolution. Now, if you are going to reconsider this issue, then you should find a better solution to this – something that is not a danger to the environment and to the people who will live in this house.

Most of the containers that you can find in the shops are old and looking at its lifespan, some are even near to end. Read this to learn more about its life expectancy. Now, if you would like to use this, then make sure that rusts, scratches and dents are refurbished properly. Just a reminder, if you would like this to last more than a decade, then be very sure to repaint it every 3 to 5 years. The reason why you are buying old cargo boxes is to practice recycling and because it is a lot cheaper. If you are going to buy new ones, then it would be very expensive. Indeed, it is at its best quality, however, the purpose of recycling will be eliminated.

Before finally living in a house with such material, you have to undergo a few processes. One of the most important things to do is the sandblasting. This means that you have to replace the flooring and make sure that even the tiniest hole will be sealed. Actually, some people think that a shipping vessel is not a habitat for human beings because chemicals are used in producing such large boxes. Due to this factor, make sure that any chemical such as, phosphorous, chromate, chromium and arsenic are dealt with properly. These hazardous chemicals were also used in maintaining these containers. Therefore, ensure your health safety before using this as a home.

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