6 Seizing Auto Transport Myths – What to Know

Often people keep moving from one place to another due to work transfer, education, military service, farming, etc. Auto transport is something you need when you want to move an automobile long distance or across the country. Relocating vehicles from one city to another is a tedious task.

Ship a Car, Inc. company transports vehicles nationwide. It is the cheapest way to ship a car. They deliver your vehicle on time at the most affordable price. You can get the quotes from them by visiting their website and filling out the application regarding what exactly you are looking for from them.

Below are 6 most common myths people easily fall for while shipping their vehicle

1.     Driving is cheaper and simpler than shipping

Most people assume that driving their vehicle is safer, easier, and faster than shipping it. But it’s simply not right. It becomes even more difficult if you are traveling across the country along with your pets or kids. Auto transport companies deliver your vehicles at your doorstep by helping you to check about the other tasks on your list.

Besides, road trips going on for days can also be expensive. You need to spend for overnight accommodation, meals, fuel, and tear on the vehicle. Driving your car costs more than shipping. So, choose a broker who is reputable and is dedicated to serving the customers. You will have a worry-free and easy experience.

2.     Ship a car only if it can run

You can ship your vehicle even if it isn’t working properly. Auto transport companies that are legitimate will ship a truck or car if it can break, roll, and steer. Shipping an inoperable car is more expensive and haulers need a special trailer, training, and equipment to unload, load, and transport it.

3.     Going with the cheapest price

If you are looking for a shipment company, then you should shop around for a while. Be a savvy customer. Also, be careful about the companies which offer quick shipments at lower prices. They charge you with hidden and unexpected charges after delivering the vehicle.

4.     The rate depends on the distance

The rate per mile is lower if you are moving the vehicle for a longer distance. Along with this size, model, making of the vehicle, pickup date, delivery time, location is also considered.

5.     Customer reviews

All auto transport companies will not have the intention of providing you with the best service. You can trust a company based on customer reviews. Select a company that has the highest number of positive reviews.

6.     Booking directly with a carrier or broker

Brokers always think of providing the best service to their company. Carriers with fewer routes and trucks will be unable to drop off on time. However, brokers have a large network of carriers to arrange shipment. They promise you the best possible service at a cheap price. They serve customers well as providing top-quality service is their main goal.

Transport your vehicle safely by counting on the most suitable auto transport company. The most important requirement while shipping a car are cost and delivery time. If a company can meet these two criteria, then go for it.

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